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Nicholas participated Dolphin Therapy on Curacao - His
parents wants to say THANK YOU


Bobby Crespo --- the last little boy to have therapy at DHT!


A letter from Jamie Lee McGhee


Christoph P., 8 years old. Diagnosis: Rieshaxonopathie (Very rare syndrome - exists only 40-50 times worldwide).
Success after 2 weeks of DHT: Significant improvements, i.e. is able to willingly control his bladder, gained strength and self-confidence.
Sabrina S., 8 years old.
Diagnosis: Multiple Disability. Success after 2 weeks of DHT: Supported communication works very, very good, suddenly reacts to pictures.. Can show through the pictures what she wants, very self-confident.
Nathalie P., 5 years old.
Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy.
Success after 2 weeks of DHT: Sits straight in the wheelchair, all of a sudden uses right hand. Is very self-confident now. Can drink on her own.
Hannes L., 4 years old.
Diagnosis: Has a malignant tumor, inoperable. Through chemo therapy his character has changed a lot. He was in a lot of pain.
Success after 2 weeks of DHT: Tumor is in remission. Overcame his trauma of operation, chemo therapy, grief and pain. He is very happy and balanced.
Jimmy D., 8 years old.
Diagnosis: Multiple abuse found out by foster family, after mother has been sent to jail.
Success after 2 weeks of DHT: Started to gain self-confidence and trust in his environment and began to talk.
Julia L., 7 years old.
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy, Development Delays.
Success after 2 weeks of DHT: The trunk control has improved significantly. Can sit on her own. The leg muscles got stronger. Is very balanced.
Madeleine S., 5 years old. Diagnosis: Angelman-Syndrome. Success after 2 weeks of DHT: She got more calm. Is now able to concentrate on different situations.
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