PO Box 33518
Decatur, Georgia 30033
July 8, 2009

Dolphin Aid America

Dear Dolphin Aid,

I would like to express my thanks to Dolphin Aid for sponsoring my family’s trip to the Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center. We had a wonderful two weeks of therapy.

On the first day of therapy Nicholas was nervous and uncertain. During therapy he progressed from the first day where he warily first touched a dolphin with the therapist’s help to his last swim where Nicholas smilingly swam with his dolphin friend without the therapist’s assistance. During the therapy period, Nicholas worked with his therapy team on making and communicating choices. At first Nicholas would just give any answer, but as therapy progressed20he appeared to put more thought into the answers he gave because he was learning that the choice he made determined what he would get to do next with the therapy team. The therapy team worked with our whole family to help us learn new and improved ways to live and learn with Nicholas. The time our family had together on the island, without the pressures of everyday activities and commitments, rejuvenated us.

The travel arrangements made by Dolphin Aid worked perfectly for us. We had great accommodations and great flights. The transportation to and from the airport was excellent. Everyone we encountered was helpful and nice. Dolphin Suites hotel in Curacao is a wonderful hotel and we had a splendid two weeks there.

Without Dolphin Aid’s sponsorship none of this would have been possible and we are very grateful to Dolphin Aid.


Lee Camp