Welcome and thank you for your interest in the work of dolphin aid!

“Conquered is only he who loses the will. The winner is he who continues the fight”, President and Founder of dolphin aid.

My son Tim was involved in an accident in June 1994. I was certain that the world, at least my world, had come to an end. The pain, sadness, helplessness, and distress were so enormous, I was sure that I would not be able to survive.

On our long journey through "The Valley of Darkness", Tim, my daughter Kira, and I met the dolphins, and these fantastic mammals have changed our lives and made it far richer.

They have given Tim the will to return to this world and to discover himself. They have helped Kira, despite the burden of a special needs brother, to develop into a happy independent individual. For myself, seeing how happy they made my children, has lightened my spirit. For so many special people, it has become a part of our lives, and the possibility to experience the sight of happiness in the eyes of children and their parents.

To realize that the sun can shine again, even when not as warm as before, has given a new found purpose to our lives. dolphin aid has made its main aim to allow as many children as is humanly possible to take part in the magical experience of meeting the dolphins.

In its entirety around the world, dolphin aid foundations are following the Path in an effort to establish a unique therapy and research center in a natural environment with the best possible quality of life and respect for the dolphins, while achieving a future that is happier and "more sunny" for many special children.

I wish you always the best of everything

Kirsten Kuhnert