Excerpts from the German dolphin aid NEWS


dolphin aid was found 8 years ago after Timmy the little son of Mrs. Kirsten Kuhnert founder and president of the organization drowned at the baptism of his baby sister Kira in an unsecured pool. His way back to life and his amazing awakening through one special dolphin in Key Largo marks the birth hour of dolphin aid. Since than a lot of things happened, experiences were made and shared and so far more than 1.000 families were able to make the trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Full of hope for their own little "miracle" and very rarely disappointed these families came all the way to a different continent - a different world. The story of the dolphins is an amazing one - it keeps going on and thus changing the life of many special children for the better.

Due to the fact that so many families apply for this form of therapy new possibilities are being considered. In 2004 a cooperation with the newly built dolphin therapy Center in Curacao will take place. Apart from helping as many children as possible one of the most important goals of dolphin aid is to respect the animals and keep them in their natural surroundings. The dolphin therapy Center Curacao is situated in a natural bay. The dolphins literally live in the open sea separated only by a few rocks. In short ideal conditions for men and animals. The average temperature in Curacao is 28 degree Celsius. A nice breeze from the ocean makes the climate very agreeable. Working with these so very special creatures for many years and witnessing their playful and friendly way in which they help "our" children dolphin aid knows that only a happy dolphin will be able to achieve such high goal. Among many other things the regulations of certification consider the respectful interaction between animals, nature and manhood. The therapy emphasis strongly against cruelty to animals. The dolphin therapy Center in Curacao is scheduled to welcome its first families on April 1st, 2004. The opening of this additional facility shall help to shorten the waiting list for a therapy place and therefore enable more children to take advantage of this relatively new but extremely successful form of therapy.

Dolphin Human Therapy under Dr. David Nathanson in Key Largo will be entirely uninfluenced by these developments in Curacao. However, both Centers will be exchanging experience and will support each other especially in the field of science.

dolphin aid exists since 1995 in Germany. Since 1999 the organization is also helping to better the life of children with special needs in the United States of America.

In its effort to raise money dolphin aid is supported by many wonderful and caring people. The little swimmers of a swimming organization in Osterfeld Germany for instance raised a considerable amount of money. dolphin aid ambassador Mrs. Irena Moebus and the Regenbogenkids toured through Germany promoting their new CD. Thus another 4.000,-- Euros could be raised for dolphin aid. Thomas Rupprath, the "fastest dolphin in the world" recently joined dolphin aid as new ambassador. (He is holding numerous world swimming records). Big cooperation such as Q1 Deutschland AG also do their best to help achieve a common goal. dolphin aid is under the patronage of Prince Leopold von Bayern.

Apart from the employees of dolphin aid a special parent consortium the "Elternbeirat" has been found. This consortium consists of parents familiarized with the concept of dolphin aid. These parents are assisting other parents with special questions and advice. A special thanks to these parents who volunteer their time for a very special cause.

Mrs. Kirsten Kuhnert not only is the founder and president of dolphin aid - she also is a mother. In her first book "Every day a little miracle" she tells the story of her son Timmy - a story full of tragic but also full of happy moments. But most of all a remarkable story of a little boy and his fight for live. Dolphins are considered special. For many children with physical and psychological impairment there is new hope after meeting with a dolphin. In her second book "Proof of a miracle" together with her co-authors Mrs. Kuhnert explains the success of this treatment. The findings show that in 100 of 100 little patients with various forms of physical or psychological impairment significant improvements were achieved. Even children, for whom traditional medicine could not find any answers, could be helped and therefore were given another chance. Influenced by the friendly and outgoing personality of the dolphins these children opened up and were taught new ways to master and enjoy their young lives.