Excerpts from the German dolphin aid NEWS


On April 2 Kirsten Kuhnert was a guest at the German TV station "ZDF" to introduce her new and second book "dolphin therapy - proof of a miracle".

For the first time the same German TV station "ZDF" reported one entire week during the course of a special morning edition about the work, the goals and the ideas of a charity organization. Journalist and TV moderator Mrs. Juliane Hielscher and her team have spent 10 days by Dolphin Human Therapy in Key Largo. The main content of this report are two families - their hopes, their sorrows, their stories. Juliane Hielscher has been a volunteer for dolphin aid for the last couple of years. She also presented last year's gala event.

On July 10 the annual gala event of dolphin aid - "Dolphin's Night - the night of the stars" took place. Please read more about this event in our next edition of dolphin aid News.

After pausing for two years, due to economic reasons, LTU once again is taking a strong part in the sponsoring of our families. We also receive great support from Q1 Germany. This telephone company created a donation hot line. For Euro 5.98 you may also download the dolphin aid logo or a special dial tone for your cell phone.

On August 1, 2002 the organization "Verein Kinderschicksale Mittelfranken e.V." was found. It is the goal of this organization to enable dolphin therapy for 18 children in need. Three out of these eighteen children Fabian, Hannah and Lisa already participated successfully in dolphin therapy in Key Largo.

Since April 1 the Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center (CDTC) is officially up and running. The first three "test families" - family Geiger, family Bade and family Beick have already been in Curacao as early as this march. Their children Maxi, Alexandra and Kevin enjoyed two weeks of intensive therapy with dolphins Tela, Mateo and Nemo. Tela is the only female and the "boss" in Curacao. Nemo three years old is the youngest dolphin in our new therapy center. Since December 2003 these animals had been trained by Mr. Rudolf Jaeckle, General Manager of CDTC. These three dolphins had never before been in touch with tourists.

During the time of their stay also both Mrs. Kirsten Kuhnert as well as Dr. Ibach (medical board dolphin aid) had been in Curacao. Dr. Ibach inspected hospitals as well as the medical care. He found the medical equipment being used equivalent to the highest of European standard. Britta Siebert from the dolphin aid headquarter in Duesseldorf did also spend some time in Curacao in order to help Ronneke Kats, Office Manager with the organization of the office.

The Royal Resort Restaurant is located right next to CDTC. Mrs. Kuhnert was able to obtain a 20 % reduction in price for all our families. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The island's capital Willemstad is only 4 miles away. Next to CDTC you will also find two supermarkets. Dolphin aid has established a shuttle service to these supermarkets. This shuttle service is running twice a week - Wednesday and Saturday making the shopping for our families easy. Since 1995 dolphin aid has enabled more than a 1.000 children dolphin therapy. Curacao is not replacing our facility in Key Largo. Curacao - at lower costs - helps to make it possible for more children to participate in dolphin therapy.

Marco Kuerschner
Peter Drissl
Kerstin Fard-Yazdani
Bettina Dorn

The team of the Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center would like to introduce themselves:

Marco Kuerschner, 31, chief therapist
Peter Drissl, psychological director
Kerstin Fard-Yazdani, 28, speech therapist
Bettina Dorn, 40, social therapist
Lisa Faust, 24, physiotherapist
Anja Monnoye, 31, physiotherapist
Ronneke Kats, Manager
Rudolf Jaeckle, General Manager

Lisa Faust
Anja Monnoye
Ronneke Kats
Rudolf Jaeckle

Please also visit the web page of dolphin human therapy in Key Largo under www.dolphinhumantherapy.com. On this web page you will find useful information about dolphin therapy, the team in Key Largo and their work.

Our dolphin aid headquarter in Duesseldorf has a new employee. Since May 2004 Mrs. Andrea Kaiser-von Hagen is part of our team and Mr. Goetz Otto and Barbara Becker become new dolphin aid ambassadors.