Excerpts from the German dolphin aid NEWS


In her editorial Mrs. Kirsten Kuhnert writes about one outstanding family who suffered the loss of their little daughter earlier this year. Even in their darkest hour their hearts have been filled with compassion and generosity. They donated the money reserved for dolphin therapy for their little girl to another child in need.

Stern TV in Curacao
For a form of therapy that is not supported by the sick fund the presence of media is even more so important. Thus Stern TV accompanied little 8 year old Milko on his trip to Curacao. Earlier a TV-report had been sent showing how little Milko, who is autistic copes with life on a daily basis. Many people, who saw this report, were wondering how Milko's story continues. After the second report about his long trip to dolphin therapy in Curacao a lot of people sent mails or called the TV station offering their support for Milko and his family. Nowadays dolphin therapy is in the lime light. More and more papers, magazines and even TV stations are interested in this form of therapy and its effect on patients. Earlier this year ZDF another big TV station out of Germany accompanied a family to dolphin human therapy in Key Largo. As a result a lot of families learned about dolphin therapy and might consider this form of therapy for their loved ones in need.


15 chainsaw carving artists from all over Germany met from September 10-12 int the town of Bad Liebenwerda in the South of Brandenburg. During this event they carved beautiful sculptures out of raw tree trunks. These sculptures had been auctioned on Sunday, which marked the end of the event. The net profits of 2.780,-- Euro went to dolphin aid. Due to the success of this event the dolphin aid Chainsaw Carving Event will be repeated in the month of September 2005.

Since quite some time the fire department of Moenchengladbach along with many other partners supports our special need children by selling instruction videos or holding events. Their rescue days in October 2004 attracted more than 10.000 spectators. The fire departments of Koeln, Bayer Leverkusen, Pulheim and Moenchengladbach as well as the police department of Moenchengladbach participated in this three day event. The event consisted of a car show, fire drills, crash stunts and a seminar for emergency doctors and paramedics.

Irena and the Regenbogenkids will be touring Germany throughout the month of December. This will be the dolphin aid Christmas Tour.
If you are planing an event for dolphin aid or if you are planing an event that at the same time should also serve a good cause we would be very happy to hear from your. Please do contact us either by phone under +49 (203)-74 62 80 or by mail under siebert@dolphin-aid.net.

CDCT is the name of the new therapy center in Curacao. dolphin aid helped actively and most importantly voluntarily to bring this center to life. What it meant for the already busy employees of dolphin aid is double the work load, for the medical board more work, for the board of directors long meetings, lots of decisions and more work,. for the managing director the already difficult question of budgeting, for the volunteer travel coordination a lot of headache and even more input, for the sponsor and donors the realization that even more money will be needed even faster. The dolphin center in Curacao was created in order to enable even more children in need to participate in dolphin therapy. Previously sometimes a child had to wait up to several years to be given a place in this program.

Hapag Lloyd cruises
"Dolphins accompany our ships and we accompany dolphin aid". This is the motto of Hapag Lloyd cruises. From October 12-23 the MS Europa , elected best cruise ship worldwide for the 5th consecutive year, cruised from Philadelphia to Nassau. Mrs.Kuhnert boarded the ship in Miami in order to inform passengers on board about the goals of dolphin aid. From Key West a fairly large group of interested passengers parted for Key Largo in order to visit the therapy center of dolphin human therapy. There, on the premises of dolphin cove, Mr.Wolfgang Coym, managing director of Hapag Lloyd cruises handed Mrs.Kuhnert a check in the amount of 10.000,-- Euro.

Gut Aiderbichl in Henndorf am Wallersee in Austria is home to more than 400 saved animals. The animals are kept in an idyllic and more than animal friendly environment. For whomever longing for harmony and joy of life one day spent on Gut Aiderbichl can result in a miracle. For more information please visit their web page under www.gut-aiderbichl.com

Tiki Luau - Polynesian Night
Colorful costumes, authentic dances and songs as well as an extraordinary atmosphere this is the meaning of Tiki Luau. Thus the motto of the gala of dolphin aid America everybody enjoyed a beautiful evening of excellent food, shows, tombola and an auction. Our families that had been in Key Largo during this time had also been invited to join this event. The gala was entirely sponsored by the beautiful hotel "The Palm South Beach", where the gala actually had also been held. As a result the entire proceeds of this evening can be used for special need children in America.

Dolphin therapy in Mundomar
In this issue one therapist reports personally about her trip to dolphin therapy in Mundomar-Spain with one child being treated by her over the last couple of years. Mrs.Jasper-Seelaender writes that by being there she understood that dolphin therapy is a good addition to any other form of therapy and that it equally also effects the "spectator" emotionally. A supporting therapy that should not make us expect miracles. As mentioned explicitly in our last issue this therapy is being offered free of charge which is possible through the generosity of the park. A new center for therapy supported by animals will soon be opened in Ibiza. There will be a whole package of therapies such as physiotherapy after Bobath and Vojta, Hippo therapy, "craniosacrale" therapy and dolphin therapy available. These therapies, however, will not be offered free of charge. In Mrs.Jasper-Seelaender's opinion it would be of essence if more therapists would be able to accompany their little patients on their trip to the dolphins in order to treat them even more sufficiently upon returning home.

Wake coma
On August 17, 2001 the 33 year old son Michael of Mr.Wilfried Breer suffered from a cardiac and circulatory arrest. As a result he falls into a wake coma. His father had to learn that there is no help and support for relatives of wake coma patients. These patients are not integrated in the health system. There is no flexible handling and even less understanding for the problems of the respective relatives. Based on this experience Mr.Breer founded a self-help-association. They group is meeting on a regular basis each month. So far more than 70 relatives of wake coma patients could be helped through information. For more details please visit the web page: www.wachkoma-hilden.de.

The year 2004 at dolphin human therapy
Since 1989 dolphin human therapy is conducting dolphin therapy. Since six years the therapy is now performed on the premises of dolphin cove in Key Largo. Experts in rehabilitation in the fields of psychology, physiotherapy, ergo therapy and special pedagogics together with the help of highly trained dolphins are able to make learning fun. DHT also offers workshops for parents covering a variety of issues as well as DHT barbecues. These barbecues are being held every two weeks and are giving parents the chance to meet other parents and their kids from all over the world in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. DHT just recently included singing into their therapy. For this purpose children are being placed on gymnastic balls in order to exercise their communication skills, eye contact, recognition of names and colors as well as sensory integration. There are now two dolphin babies in Key Largo. Leo who is 16 months old and already helps his mum Nicky with therapy and Spunky's baby meanwhile 13 weeks old.

The year 2004 at dolphin aid
Dolphin aid was found 1995 and will celebrate its 10 year anniversary next year. This year alone 348 children where able to participate in dolphin therapy through the help of dolphin aid. Dolphin aid will relentlessly continue to talk to the sick fund and insurances in order to make the successful dolphin therapy part of the health system.
We are wishing all our readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.