How it works

Dolphin Therapy is a rehabilitation method which enables special- needs children to find, together with the dolphin, a new direction towards success.

This extraordinary kind of therapy has been developed more than 25 years ago by the American psychologist Dr. David E. Nathanson, President of Dolphin Human Therapy. He conducted his first study about Dolphin Human Therapy already in 1978.

The therapy focuses on the encounter of children with dolphins. Accompanied by their skilled trainers the children work on a swimming dock according to a schedule with at least one dolphin who is able, in a playful way, to miraculously and immediately realize the child's Deficiency. In this way the children lose their shyness towards the beautiful animals and with their help reestablish the contact to their surroundings. These positive impulses lead to an amazing progress in the children's development which has endless positive consequences.

Dolphin therapy does not claim to cure diseases. Nevertheless, research has shown that, by working with dolphins, disabled children are able to learn up to four times faster and more intensively. When exploring their surroundings. In order to achieve positive treatment, dolphin therapy should be carried out for not less than two weeks.

Another positive aspect is that the whole family can be integrated into the therapy, which can lead to basic progress in the future. The brothers and sisters of the young patients also enjoy the company of the dolphins.